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Dr. Baum was really nice and put blue smurfs on my molars :) It didn't hurt and now I can eat better and smile pretty.

Pashley and Baum's is the most caring orthodontist! For one, the staff is very generous and respectful. Two, it is nice for them to have a toothbrush, with toothpaste, a sink, and mouthwash,for the people who need to brush their teeth because they just had something to eat or had something stuck in their teeth. Three because they have an amazing game selection and contests for every holiday! that you can earn points to purchase a reward. THANKS PASHLEY AND BAUM BECAUSE YOU'RE THE BEST! LOVE YOU GUYS !!!

I think Mr. Baum is an awesome orthodontist . He is really funny and nice. He is an AMAZING person

I love Baum and Pashley Orthodontics! Everyone is SUPER friendly and I love catching up with them! Also, I just got my braces off and my smile looks great! Thanks to the whole staff! I would DEFINITELY recommend them!