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There is very good service and I feel that the employees are extremely nice to the children. Also in the waiting room they have delicious coffee and provide games for my kids.

Dr Baum is the best pediatric dentist we have ever met and his professionalism and kindness is the best among all dentist Ryan and I have ever seen. Remembered there is one time when my son's braces is a little tight and his gum is swollen, after a phone call on Friday night, Dr Baum took care of Ryan on Saturday Morning in his own family time. It is only a 10 minute visit, but the kindness of his personality remains in my memory and I think Ryan will also remember that Saturday morning. If your Child or you are his patient, rest assured you are in best hands.

Dejun Wang

When I went to Baum orthodontist I was giving a waiting time which was faster than any other dentist I have been too. I would like to say that this is a very good place. The people were nice and the staff was very kind. The seating is comfy and some aren't put the long table probably is the comfiest. Another thing I love about the place is how its nearby my house and how I can go to the dentist with out having to take a long time. the doctor that treated me was helpful and when I took my x-ray she was saying in a nice voice the instructions.
I do have an suggestion, most stools like the one near the window are positively near the road but I encountered them being to tall for most kids. I could sit on it but they should have a feature were they can be lowered.

by Sebastian Lopez